Calik Denim responds to customers’ needs in the best possible way thanks to the diversity of its products, high quality standards in customer service, and effectiveness in timing and cost management.


In 2011, Calik Denim was awarded with a certificate which entitled the company to open its R&D Center. As of this date, the R&D Center began to share its long-standing expertise in innovative products and new production methods developed within a complex of 1,768 m2 of closed area. Today Calik Denim holds the denim leadership with the new technologies and fabric types developed by a team of 54 people.

With its effective R&D activities and solution-oriented approach, Calik Denim overcomes all the complications which had remained as unsolved problems for many years in the industry.

Denim engineers are constantly in search of the perfect formula to develop the best denim fabric in order to offer the best wearing performance with the least trouble. However, skinny or slim-fits designed with high elasticity stretch fabrics often encounter unsightly visual imperfections.

One of the prevalent problems is the “elastane yarn breakage”. Why does it happen?

Too often smaller size jeans are purchased because they are expected to stretch to fit as the size that fits in the shop easily becomes saggy after a couple of wears. That might cause an eventual breakage of the elastane in the jeans.

The other reason is the poor manufacturing of denim garments. Sewing through many layers of high elastic stretch fabric with the application of extreme force might be another root cause.  High-elastane stretch fabric that is constructed for a loose fit is another potential cause of breakage of elastane fiber.

“T-Power” is an unparalleled stretch technology which intelligently overcomes elastane yarn breakage problems, ensuring a high performance, premium stretch fabric. By engineering a very high-tech yarn construction, it gives a cottony soft feel in contrast to the itchy feeling of polyester yarn.

A new breed was born when Calik challenged the limitations of stretch denim. The common idea was not to mess with the laws of nature but hard work and a creative mindset proved that there were no laws, just accepted limitations. Calik Denim is not cut that way. That’s why there is a new standard for stretch denim now.

A new fabric with a revolutionary hidden technology. Both fabric developers and garment manufacturers know about the challenges and problems when making the high elastic denim. Everyone accepts it and adopts the idea as if it is the law of nature.

In fact; it’s not! Now the old problems connected with stretch denim are gone. Therefore, the novelty is not about the look, but the technology. Solving the headaches for manufacturers, retailers and end-consumers. High elasticity stretch fabrics with an elasticity level of 60-80% usually shrink within a range of 18-20%. Shrinkage in excess of 15% creates several problems. Inconsistency is the major one. This is not easy to handle at garment manufacturing. It creates size variances and a big problem for garment manufacturers. Furthermore, a style designed by same fabric might have different washes. The garment shrinks more when the wash gets heavier. Therefore, different washes need different shrinkage calculation and mean additional pattern making during cutting. 18%-20% shrinkage is what everybody had to accept. Not anymore! Elastech is a new opportunity for all the big brands of the world. Calik Denim is opening up completely new possibilities!


The fabric is pre-shrunk before any treatments. As a result, the shrinkage level drops down to 5-6% instead of 18-20%. This creates fantastic benefits both for the manufacturer and the designer. The dramatic decrease in shrinkage ensures consistency throughout different laundry processes and differentiates the product performance among its counterparts. That means consistency, less patterns, no size variances… It also helps manufacturers to better manage their unwashed garment inventory control; easily and confidently switching the wash formula with no need of extra production of rigid garments.

The next problem… garments made with high elasticity stretch fabrics usually have a typical problem; the unsightly puckering. Especially at waistband, pockets and outseam.

Elastech technology also solves the puckering problem. Elastech jeans look flawless on the body and classy when they are hung in stores.

Last but not least, the technology introduces superior wear performance with improved growth values; helping the garment keeping its shape and avoiding bagging. It is applicable to all elasticity levels of stretch constructions.

Elastech saves money and time. Less complaint, less returns, better inventory control. Premium garments, flawless looks. Çalık Denim paid attention to customer feedbacks, took their complaints seriously and eventually had to change the rules of the game.


The company is well-aware of its responsibilities to the planet and humanity. It acquires sustainability in its business model and processes. Çalık Denim’s international certifications and global standards in product quality also indicate the company’s attention on work health and worker safety. Çalık Denim aims to add surplus value to the economy, environment and social relations with its sustainable approach, to carry out national and international operations with sustainable development and to become an institution with a high level of innovation power at both global and local scales, mindful of the priorities and expectations of its external and internal stakeholders and respectful to all rights and ideas as required by human rights.


Growing deep roots in the textile industry, Çalık Denim continues to enhance its role every year as a powerful and reliable supplier in Turkey. Its commitment to R&D and innovative approaches enables customers to consider themselves as business partners. Customers know that Çalık Denim engineers are constantly in search of a new formula to present their fabrics with the least problems and the best performance.

Solution Partner

With a customer-oriented, innovative and flexible approach, Çalık Denim is a globally trusted and robust solutions partner. In addition to fabric production, Çalık Denim provides a know-how service for partner companies.

The company’s fast and high-quality solutions that meet the demands and expectations of its business partners, consistently bring them forward on the most preferred list among prestigious brands. To be in the frontline of fashion one needs to be the hybrid between an engineer and a trend setter. That’s exactly where Çalık Denim positions itself.